How To Stop Getting Distracted And Start Becoming More Productive?

The chatting and video calls on social apps are not free. The cost is higher than the price you can imagine; it's your time, dear.

Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.

– Adam Hochschild

Do you remember how frequently you check your social media accounts?

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t respond to important messages, but you know what I mean; it was not necessary to reply to that message.

In life, when we don’t understand our priorities, everything, and everyone, maybe it is social media or the friend with whom we’re chatting, enslaves us.

Tweeting, Facebooking, and Sexting; web surfing without any reason in mind, exploring Youtube unconsciously, and sliding Instagram reels for fun are new distractions due to the technological revolution. It’s difficult not to be influenced by creators whose purpose is to entertain us for their benefit.

If you do not understand the value of your time, you’ll remain a consumer forever in your life. Entertainment and knowledge are abundant on the web, but you don’t need everything. Not every call and message is essential for you to respond to.

Please don’t waste your time on the Internet. It’s here to give you the opportunities leading to financial freedom.

Suppose you’re using the resources to increase your intelligence and creativity. In that case, nothing can be better, but if you’re addicted to the Internet’s entertainment industry, you will soon realize you’ve lost much of your potential energy on the world wide web.

The chatting and video calls on social apps are not free. The cost is higher than you can imagine; it’s your time, dear. You’re killing your precious time, and soon you’ll become bankrupt.

Time can’t be reversed. Today you’ve got the opportunity to explore and learn; tomorrow, you may not get that chance.

The habit that you’re developing is dangerous. If left unchecked, you’ll find yourself in a ditch from where it’s hard to come out.

My intention is not to teach you anything. I’m telling one of my best friends the truth that I’ve seen. You’re a genius, but you’re getting bankrupt both of time and money because of your habits. Please don’t waste your time and money on cheap entertainment. Engage your skills in something productive.

Once you stop getting distracted by these little perks, you’ll become more creative and productive with no significant effort.

Isn’t that what you want for yourself?

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