How To Nurture The Artist Within You?

“To be an artist is to believe in life.”

– Henry Moore

The artist within us is a cute and curious child. She doesn’t know about the complexities of the world. All she knows is love and play. We’ve got an extensive list of responsibilities, but the child has no concept of responsibility.

We treat ourselves with criticism and abuse. Imagine a child of three years old whom you scold every day for not doing well in her life; how she’ll feel?

You don’t know how destructive this child may become because of your behavior. The same happens with the artist within us. Our self-hatred kills creativity, and the artist suffers. The more you scold her, the more stubborn she becomes.

What she needs are love and care. As we water the plants in our homes every day, we need to take care of the needs of our inner child, i.e., the artist within us.

Nothing can grow up on barren land. To grow a garden, you must make the land fertile. It’s a long process and takes sufficient time. Take care of the land by making it productive, growing a few plants, and watering it daily. Over time if you follow the systematic process, we’ll get a beautiful garden.

Again the work is not done completely. Every day you’ve to wake up in the morning to weed out the unnecessary; otherwiseherwise, they’ll destroy the beautiful garden you’ve created.

The process of turning an ordinary mind into a creative one is identical to the operation of turning barren land into a beautiful garden.

The rules are the same. First, we’ve to make our minds open to receive new ideas; then we’ve to plant new beliefs, and then every day, we’ve to do the work to keep it healthy by removing the unwanted thoughts from our mind and watering it with beautiful concepts of life.

Nothing is more beautiful than our mind, but currently, it’s a barren piece of land. Ever if anything grows here are cactuses. Snakes live here in the form of negative thoughts.

Creativity is not for a few gifted ones. It’s a gift from God to everyone. We have to understand the process through which the artist within us works in the real world.

Once we learn the art of gardening, we can create the most beautiful garden in the world. In the same way, if we know the art of nurturing the artist within us, we can have one of the most creative minds in the world.

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