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How To Stop Overthinking & Start Doing The Actual Work?

“When times are bad, people feel compelled to overeat.”

― Don DeLillo, White Noise

By default, the habit of the mind is to project a fake reality of the future. It tells us a story of failure showing everything is wrong with us. We’re the losers and can’t achieve anything significant in life.

It accurately predicts a catastrophic future based on our terrible past. It says that the future can’t be bright because your past was full of blunders.

I hear it every day negatively commenting on my talent and luck. I don’t know from where I got this serpent’s voice that makes me feel low. I think its only job is to convince me that I’m not good enough for anything.

For years I was captivated by this serpent voice that negatively fussed about my every activity destined to do anything good in the future. Over time I learned the ways to stop this voice from befooling me.

Overthinking is nothing but overeating negative beliefs from the social environment. We believe in all kinds of bullshit that works against us.

The world was never a safe place for us. We think that at any moment, we can lose what we’ve, but we forget the truth that overthinking is not the safest solution. We’ve to do the actual work to stop any pandemics coming to our financial and social life.

We can’t avoid dis-ease by thinking about the disease, and we can’t cure ourselves without taking efficient actions.

Whenever you find yourself in the trap of overthinking, ask yourself a question, “Is the solution relevant?” You’ll find that you’re not working on the solution; instead, your attention is on the over magnification of the problem.

Till now, you’ve not questioned your existing beliefs. That’s the solution to your problem—question your pre-existing beliefs.

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