I Don’t Know How To Answer The Questions.

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”

― Henry David Thoreau

Don’t fight it. You don’t know because you’ve not experienced it yet. But still, you can learn to form the experiences of the veterans of the field you’re working with.

Read books, scan blogs, listen to podcasts and watch interviews. As we know, learning never exhausts the mind.

Generally, questions are asked with the given keywords. Decode the meaning behind the question.

  1. What/Which (the questioner asks about the script)
  2. How (she is interested in knowing the plan)
  3. Why (the reason behind the phrase)
  4. Where (the space coordinates of the incident)
  5. When (the time linked with the incident)
  6. With whom ( the associated person with the incident)

Most of the time (if not always), the answer is part of the question, and the answer depends less on talent and more on the questioner’s intention. Your confidence matters more than anything else.

Learn to listen first. Let the questioner give you all the details of the question and if nothing comes to your mind, say:

Sorry. I don’t know.

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