I Don’t Want to Do Anything.

Thinking about the problem doesn't solve the problem. You've to start working on your idea if you're not well, first rest and then take action.

“Know that one day your pain will become your cure.”

~ Rumi

Today you’re confused. You don’t have a solution to your problem, but please don’t lose hope. The days of despair will be over. The pain will level you, giving you a lesson that will become the foundation of your Journey in Life.

Your work, for now, is to understand your situation and do whatever feels right.

Take a leave from everything and give your body the time to heal.

Thinking about the problem doesn’t solve it. You’ve to start working on the idea.

If you’re not well, first rest and then take action.

Don’t overthink. Eat and sleep well.

“The time will heal you.”

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