It’s The Story Of You And Me

It’s our habit to focus on quantity compromising the quality. That’s a bad habit. It may feel good that we’re producing many exciting things, but where is that magnetic influence required to bind the audience.

In persuasion of any artistic creed, focus on the quality of the product. It’s a waste of your time and effort if you’re producing a lot of samples with low quality.

Have a long-term vision. It’s a profession in which you’re going to survive for other rest of your life. You can’t afford to have low-quality work. Your input must be significant enough to bring out a masterpiece for yourself that you can feel proud of.

It’s not for someone else. It’s the production of your movie of life. You’re going to screen-write, direct and produce a film that’s exclusive to you. Fill it with creativity and courage. Don’t copy others. It’s your script that resides in your head.

There are mistakes and corrections, failure and success, guilt and forgiveness. Work on the theme, and you’ll create something unique.

Don’t think about others. They may laugh at you, but that’s the part of the story of life. They may abuse, criticize or insult you, but that’s part of the struggle of life. They may hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally, but that’s all the part of the war of life.

Everything that happened to you in the past is a story in your head. Don’t let anything get wasted. Produce a gem out of every dust. Those false beliefs and fake attitudes, the rebellious mind, and sexual pursuit, everything is an ingredient. The crimes you never committed and the romance you never had, the war you never won, and the success you never got. It’s a story, my friend, that no one knows.

It’s the story of you and me. It’s percolating inside our heads, but it can only come out of there on screen if we’ve got the time and patience to settle down on our chairs and start doing the work calling us.

I heard the voice of my heart. Do you listen to yours?





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