Winning the Financial War with Gratitude

A little dose of appreciation is sufficient to overcome the thoughts of guilt and resentment, anxiety, and depression.

“Don’t live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.” 

― Germany Kent

Gratitude is one of the most beautiful things we can gift ourselves daily. A little dose of appreciation is sufficient to overcome the thoughts of guilt and resentment, anxiety, and depression.

Irrespective of your stress level, if you start feeling grateful for the things you’ve, miraculously, it will help you attract those you don’t have.

If you’re struggling with your finances, start feeling grateful for your current wealth. Make peace with the money you lost and gained in the past. Count your blessings and thank those who helped you in your hard times.

Are you jealous of those who've more than you and criticizing wealthy people at all times without any specific reason?

Identify the deep unconscious patterns that work against your financial richness. Look at your spending habits and start analyzing your conversations about money.

If you don’t appreciate those with abundant wealth, it’s hard to attract them because much wealth is concentrated around them.

Are you a health-conscious person or not?

If your health expenditure is significant, saving or investing money for your future will be hard. Hence, engage in health-conscious conversations and stop paying attention to the ill and poor.

If you’ve empathy with those people later, you can donate money to help them, but first, focus your attention on the accumulation of wealth, and for that, you’ve to acquire wealth consciousness.

Understand: Richness is a state of mind, and those who are wealth conscious are as rich as health-conscious people are healthy.

As a health-conscious person takes a healthy diet and avoids junk food, the wealth-conscious person acquires the wisdom to consume excellent food of thought by reading good books and following great men and women of her time.

A healthy person is always grateful for her health and engages herself in proper exercise. She takes good sleep. If you’re a finite wealthy person, you’ll have some wealth attraction ritual that you follow daily and have an abundance of gratitude for your wealth.

It’s not luck or hard work that makes us rich or poor, but our habits create a mindset; either it will attract richness or repel it. Install in yourself healthy and wealthy habits. You’ll feel prosperous.

Be grateful for the little that you’ve and keep working for your dreams and goals.

Don’t think about the outcome or how the riches will come to you. That’s the work of the Universe. It will make a zillion permutations and combinations but fulfill your desire. That’s one of the Laws of the Universe, which can’t be broken.

Trust the Universe and keep on doing what you love to do. You’ll land at your destination.

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