Just Go & Watch The Movie

Humans are deceptive
If you want to experience love
Make an affair with God
He is full of beauty & wisdom

Humans are weak
Hence they are selfish
God is powerful
Hence he is selfless

Don't trust a man or woman
They are liars
Trust the higher intelligence
Who gave us birth

Remember, always
He has a better plan for you
Your little mind can't comprehend
The cosmic drama He designed for you

Never let anyone belittle you
For your beloved is excellence
You've been created to touch the cloud
Don't get ashamed of yourself

You're a star from the heavens
Let people die in the hell of earth
You've been crafted to celebrate
Let losers run behind rats

You're the glory of God
My child, you're the superstar
You don't need the attention of others
You're complete in yourself

Don't believe my words
Put your hands on your heart
You'll listen to a voice
That's the call of your beloved

God is waiting for you
To give the most magnificent gift
Everything is arranged
Just go and watch the movie 

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