Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

We all have a few strengths and weaknesses. Often the focus of everyone, including ourselves, is on weaknesses. We feel weak because our habits are bad. What do we do all day long except gossip escaping from our work? The reality is that we don’t have passion for what we do. We keep doing what we’re doing because we’ve nothing else to do. In that way, it can be called a lousy trade with life.

Our parents have given us everything we need, and we’ve got a team of teachers and mentors who’re ready to help us, but we’re unwilling to learn anything from anyone. Whose fault is this?

If you set out to search for the cause of your failure, you’ll get a thousand excuses not to do anything in the present. There is nothing to do except eat and sleep, but if you think about one reason that can inspire you to do something, it’s the future.

What’s your future?

If it looks dark, then who is responsible for that?

Is that me or you?

Take a mirror and look straight into your eyes and speak the truth, not to anyone else but yourself. Be honest with yourself.

She’s responsible for all the pain and suffering you’ll face in the future.

Now, can you forgive that person in the mirror?

It’s present where you’re writing a story of life with your past experiences, and that will create a future timeline for you. If you keep repeating the same mistakes repeatedly and repeatedly, nothing will change. Please don’t have fake positivity and false hope. Finally, it will destroy you.

The day will come when you’ve to stand on your own feet. You’ve to answer the questions of everyone around you. There is no escape. You’ve to face the future. It’s as accurate as you’re reading and I’m writing.

The future is a reality that we create by making decisions in the present, and if we don’t have good mental models for decision-making, we’ll write random stories.

Please do evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. What are the thoughts and emotions that are blocking your progress? Identify which habits are creating a dark future for you. What are the actions that are destroying you from the inside?

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