The War Is On

“Social media are a means, not an end.” – Arianna Huffington. Most of the time, most of us complain about […]

“Social media are a means, not an end.”

Arianna Huffington.

Most of the time, most of us complain about our past experiences. We feel like a victim of circumstances. We believe that life played with unfair rules and tricked us into failure. We blame others for every misery of our lives.

This habit of constant complaining is the cause of much of our regressive progress. When we don’t take responsibility for our actions, we fall into the well of illusion. The outside world becomes a hostile place to live.

If you can look deep within yourself, you’ll find that you’re the creator of all those circumstances that ruined your life. There is no one to blame except you. You’re just giving excuses for not doing anything next.

Whenever life gave you a chance, you turned your back. You followed the path of fear, pride, procrastination, and escapism. You risked the future at the expense of present enjoyment because of your laziness.

Now, here is the future that you thought would never come.

You can fool a person but not the Intelligence who crafted this Universe. When you run behind cheap entertainment in the hope of instant gratification, you get frustrated. It may give you pleasure in the short term, but the pain is inevitable.

Take a mirror and look straight into your eyes. Observe your face and hair, chest, and belly. Witness the whole body as a unified field. Don’t you think it’s innocent?

Who is running after pleasures and trying to avoid pain?

Isn’t that a thought in your head?

Can you realize the truth that your mind is running you?

You’re afraid to tame this monkey mind, and because of that, it’s creating more and more nonsense in your life.

Every day the same story.

With the useless chatting on Instagram and Facebook, unnecessary tweets on Twitter, and unproductive watching of YouTube videos, you’ve filled your mind with so much filth that it has started stagnating.

Why you’re wasting your precious time on WhatsApp, Telegram, or Snapchat?

What’s the need for porn and masturbation?

Why that french fries, burgers, and pizzas again?

I’m no one to teach you right and wrong. My intention is not to criticize or insult you. I’m giving you the reasons that affected your performance.

How does an innocent boy gets addicted to smoking and alcohol?

How does a cute and creative girl fall into the trap of adultery?

Don’t expect an answer from the social scientists. We don’t have time to prolong this debate. It’s our life. We’ve to take responsibility for ourselves.

In life, you’ll face many struggles; some of them will be a War. There’re no chances of coming out as a winner if you’re not prepared.

The perfect crispy french fries and the sexy girl next to your door are distractions. The pop-ups on your smartphone invite you to waste time on the Internet.

The lucrative porn industry and the charitable social media knows you well. You’re in a war with an enemy armed with all the ingredients required for your destruction.

On the Internet, life is destructive because it’s cheap. Unless you’re a person who wants to live a frugal life, I suggest you understand this unfair game of Influence on the Internet. It’s a fake world. If you can use it to earn real money, it’s Intelligence; otherwise, you’re playing in the hands of ruthless capitalists who have no mercy in destroying your life.

The following social media campaign is coming, and the next video of your favorite porn actress will release. The ad will run in your head, and your heart will beat for that seductive girl.

The notification will pop up once again.

She’ll respond to you back, and you’ll fall in her love once again.

The War is on. I know the result. This time, please prove me wrong.

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