A person is supposed to ‘distil’ the massive amount of ‘data’ scattered here and there over the web and near his or her surrounding, into ‘information’ and further to distil ‘information into knowledge’ and finally ‘knowledge into wisdom’.

It looks pretty easy to read and forget, but in reality, much difficult to organize and distil ‘data into practical wisdom’ that can really make sense and can bring a change in the life of an individual.

In the day to day busy life of bread and butter how it can be expected from a person to see the ‘big picture’ of what’s actually happening in the world and where the lives of billions of members of Homo Sapien race is progressing as a whole.

But why to think about the whole of the world when we can’t even care about our own continent, nation, state, city, street, village or town, and family, and to move further a step down, our own body, mind, and soul. 

A person who can’t look after him or herself creates only nuisance and nonsense in the social systems. So if you really care about your village and street, city and state, nation and continent, and to move a step further upside, the whole world, first take care of yourself to see the reality around you as it is to respond to it in the best possible way.

And for that, the ancient wisdom of both East and West is still relevant today whether you believe it or not.

”Know Thyself. That’s the Key.”

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