Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich and no one is poor. We’ve got 24 hours each.

— Christopher Rice

We don’t know what we’ve got. We’re rich, and we think we’re poor. Our lives are abundant, but we talk about poverty. How foolish is this thought?

From childhood, our programming has been such that we always think about lack and limitation. Fear of loss of money and fear of poverty are two of the greatest fears a person lives by.

We live in constant fear of losing what we’ve and are anxious enough to think about the possibility of poverty in old age.

I’m not saying that fear is a terrible thing to have, but it isn’t suitable for our well-being. How can we enjoy life with fear in our heads?

The real problem is not lack of money, but our endless desires create fear in us. There is always enough for us, but our greed makes us reckless.

We exploit others who’re less intelligent and snatch the bread and butter from their meal.

Why do we do that?

What makes us greedy?

Isn’t that it has something to do with our fear and desire?

We look at a man or woman who is rich and living a luxurious life. We want to live a life like them. There gets a desire created, and we start working for money. Sometimes it comes, and many times it does not. The intrinsic property of every desire is that it has an associated fear value.

We’re afraid of not getting our desire fulfilled. The demon of fear rocks in our heads. We become enslaved to our wishes. Whether it gets fulfilled or not, we’re never satisfied because, on the first hand, it was not our desire. We copied that from another man/woman, and a person copying something from others can never be satisfied.

Our society encourages more and more materialistic accumulation. We don’t care about needs. We want that thing because our neighbor has it.

What a nonsense way of living?

We spend our time working for money and then spend that money accumulating those things that we don’t even need.

The true luxury of life is not living with worldly things that are dead fragments collected from here and there but utilizing our time doing something precious that we can feel proud of.

Living that life, we feel a magnetic pull towards enjoyment and satisfaction. Money comes as a by-product of that work because it has both quality and content.

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