Live as if You are Going to Die

Live as if you're going to die. Don't worry; the dead don't tell the story. You can narrate it anyway.

“The knowledge of all things is possible”

― Leonardo da Vinci

You’re answerable to no one except yourself. There is no need to impress anyone. You’re living on your terms without disturbing others. That’s called freedom.

It’s not about your annual income or bank balance. It’s a story about creating a legacy that can inspire others to live more.

Wake up in the morning to bring something unique to this planet. Commit, Create, and contribute. Be grateful to the Lord of the Universe for allowing you to live for a day and bringing something unique to this planet through you.

ansiandyou™ – a touch of ❤️

Every day must become a portal of expression through which the Divine can transmit her message of love. Your uniqueness is in presenting an idea with clarity and precision. It must be concise and avoid confusion.

Every day, there must be a story that you can love writing. Live as if you’re going to die. Don’t worry; the dead don’t tell the story. You can narrate it anyway.

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