Shall I Continue My Passion If It Doesn’t Pay My Bills?

Focus on mastering your craft, and you'll set a new benchmark for success.

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

― Émile Zola, The Ladies’ Paradise

There may be a passion that doesn’t have a market, and maybe it will never give you any monetary benefit. But if you’re enjoying that thing, it gives you extra energy to push your limits. Please keep on doing it.

Your passion will become the healing medicine in moments of anxiety and depression. Whenever you feel blue, start practicing your art. It will give a relaxation period for transformation.

ansiandyou™ – a touch of ❤️

Don’t pursue your passion for showing or proving anyone anything. It’s your asset, and you’ve to leverage it. Your special gift from God will open a new portal to prosperity and success.

Art can transform a person’s thinking. It’s an exhibition of your unique skill. Focus on mastering your craft, and you’ll set a new benchmark for success.

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