How To Prime Yourself For Daily Work?

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

— Karen Lamb

Amidst you and your dreams is standing the Resistance. I know that you want to run after your goals but cannot kick out the evils of laziness and procrastination.

Don’t worry, my friend; you’re not alone in this battle of life. We all face the same drama daily, but we’ve learned to play with it over time.

Wake up in the morning and grab a few pieces of blank white paper with a pen. Start writing everything that comes to your mind.

Vomit all the negativity and toxicity on the blank pages. Write till there is nothing to express. It will take approximately two to three pages to remove all the garbage from your mind.

This single exercise will help you prime yourself for the day. Please do it for a week and notice the changes in you.

Believe me; you’ll wonder how something as simple as jotting your thoughts on paper can transform your daily life miraculously.