Am I Good Enough To Live My Life?

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”

― Rumi

If you think about others, you’ll live a miserable life, but if you live creatively, expressing yourself freely without the consent of anyone, you’ll live a Godly life.

It’s your World, and you’re the thinker in your mind. You’re responsible for what happens inside your head. No one can force you to feel sad if you’ve control over that.

If you’re unemployed and financially poor, it’s not a life story. Time is destined to change. Work hard towards your dreams and goals and attract a prosperous life.

You’re the author of your unique story of life. Nothing is predefined. You can dedicate yourself to creating a success story at any moment of the day.

Like any other human being, you’re unique and creative. You’ve special talents and skills that can be used to produce enough income.

Have an optimistic attitude towards work and relationships; you’ll achieve significant progress. I believe in your potential to become a successful person, and you must trust my words.

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