A New Beginning

At any moment of the day, you can start a new life.


Let me show you my example.

Whenever and wherever I get bored with life or feel that I’ve started stagnating, I move on.

A couple of handbooks, my laptop, iPad, and a few casual wear

I’m out for a new beginning.

I calculate my assets and liabilities (although my mathematics is weak).

Two framed questions in a sentence

How many months can I survive with the money in my account, and how can I increase that?

System reset.

I don’t care what I’ve achieved or what I’ve lost.

Am I thriving or a failure?

That’s the question for hogs.

Every time, a new beginning

That’s my lifestyle

No, dear, I’m not a vagabond or hippie

I’m a responsible citizen of this planet.

What’s unique in my lifestyle is that I live a life of one day

No thought of tomorrow

Just do your best here at this moment

That’s the mantra of my life.

No politics, no quarrel, no competition, no distraction

Just living a life of beauty and abundance

I am grateful to the Almighty, Lord- God The Great, that he spared me one more day on this planet to understand myself admiring the creative life within me.

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