How to Handle Fear of Rejection?

My advice (although you can refuse to take it) is that...

“It seems right now that all I’ve ever done in my life is making my way here to you.”

– Graeme Simison 

We have a fear of rejection. It hurts our ego to be rejected by someone whom we love all by heart. Because of this fear, we don’t show her our real feelings and emotions.

We show-off.

We can say, “That girl doesn’t matter to me.” But, in reality, we crave to talk to her. We want to share our thoughts with her. It feels good to be in her contact list.

My advice (although you can refuse to take it) is that if you like a person.

Don't confuse yourself

Tell her about your thoughts and feelings

Sharing your heart will release the stress you’re carrying for days, weeks, and months.

Don’t pre-assume what that person will think about you, and don’t take it personally to her reply, whatever it is.

ansiandyou™ – a touch of ❤️

She may accept your proposal or reject it. In both situations, don’t judge her. You know nothing about her problems, stress level, or mindset. She is a different person.


Whatever is her decision, accept that. You don’t need to become a drama queen. Stop falling into a trap with emotions. Take it lightly.

We, humans have a natural tendency to get attracted to someone who shares our nature and values. Many times, this attraction results in a good friendship, but sometimes create a good conflict for us.

My recommendation is never to take anything personally. To like someone or not is a personal choice.

She may refuse your proposal.

It's okay.

Love doesn’t demand expectation. Be neutral. Don’t expect anything from her. If your passion is true, she’ll respond to you; otherwise, create a belief in you that it was merely a sexual attraction.

Move on. That's the way of life. 

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