What exactly you want from life?

When we don't know our destination, we usually land in a place that's not our home.

“When your mind is unclear, it’s hard to see the truth.”

– Dalai Lama

It doesn’t matter how hardworking you are; if you have an unclear mind, you can’t produce anything significant. If you don’t know about your dreams and goals, you can never reach your destination.

Many people believe that they can achieve anything in life with hard work and dedication. No, it’s a statement that looks good only in talks and on paper. In reality, success has little to do with hard work. It depends on your attitudes and beliefs.

If you’ve a poor mindset and you’re always cursing yourself for the sins you committed in the past, seeking a punishment, you’ll get only that in the form of failure.

Everything that you’ll produce will be the next losing trade. When we don’t know our destination, we usually land in a place that’s not our home. We keep searching the way to our house, but the result is always confusion.

Before moving further be clear in your mind, “What exactly you want from life?”

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