Release The Past & Forgive Everyone

Without forgiveness life is governed by… an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.

— Roberto Assagioli

Irrespective of what problem you’re facing in the present, the cause is unforgiveness. You’re burning from inside. Resentment and retaliation are ruling your life.

Every day you’re working out of fear and anxiety. There is no love for your work. You’re hurting everyone in your ecosystem and inflicting on yourself a lot of unnecessary pain because of unforgiveness.

You’ve to understand that with so much grudge within yourself, you’ll create only disaster in the life of others, including yourself.

Please release the past and let go of the pain of the past. Forgive whoever hurt you in any way, and begin a new life of love.

Start practicing empathy and kindness towards others, including yourself. You’re not above the Laws of Nature. Life is simple. What we give is what we get back. If you’re willing to forgive others, they’ll naturally be inclined to forgive and accept you as you’re.

Remember, we can’t travel long distances with a lot of baggage on our heads. The lighter the weight on our heads better we feel in our journey of life.

Forgiveness lightens our souls and flourishes the creativity within us. Follow your heart and do what’s necessary.

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