Start from Where You are Right Now, Here In this Moment.

“Nothing is but what is now”

― Ron Rash, Serena

Regardless of your past failures, you can begin now if you like. Start small. Don’t think about earning millions.

Learn to trade with small quantities.

Focus your attention on learning and creating something valuable for the people. Create a product or service that can bring a little happiness in their lives.

Breathe and let go of all the pain you’ve been inflicting on yourself for years. Give yourself a reason to live. It can be as simple as taking care of your parents or kids.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes, for you can’t change them. But you can create a bright future by transforming your present into a better reality.

Don’t think about what you’ve lost but what you can get by being in the present moment.

Isn’t a little peace all that you want for yourself?