Removing the Block to Start a Blog Right From the Scratch

You’re reading it because a child was slightly fascinated by ‘Reading the Writings’ and wanted to ‘Know and Learn what is Writing and how it Feels’.

“Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn.”

Scott Adams

Whether you’re a sixth-grade student or a professor.

Whether you’re a housewife who is not an MBA graduate but well versed in the management of household administration.


A teenage ‘early graduate’ young charming girl who is interested in ‘sharing beauty tips’ with her ‘family and friends’. 

Whether you’re a sports fan or an addict of adventure sports. 

Whether you’re a part-time Facebook politician or an instal-designer of new aspirational models. 

And if you’re…

None of These.

Still, you have the ‘sufficient skill’ to share what you ‘know’ because…

You know How to Read and Write.

It’s not an Inspiration but a Truth.

You Have to Realize That.

If your mind is wandering on the common homesickness of what the people will think, here is a recipe you can use to create the juice with your hands, given you’re fond of modelling others’ recipes to get inspired so that you don’t have to waste your precious time searching here and there on your own. 

Please create your own.

So here we start from the micro to the macro,

  • Go to and sign up to create a blog. Choose a template. Buy a domain. (It’s necessary, once you pay for something, it automatically makes you more committed and disciplined.)
Write in short, with clarity, and quality content, using all your combined life experiences. 

Write as if each post is the last to share what you have, and you’re writing it for the last time in your life. 

Don’t waste the time of readers. They have more important works to do than reading your feelings and emotions. 

Keep it short, simple and stupid. Humour is always a necessity for the mind to understand reality.

(I don’t know how many degrees this person has in his pocket of old jeans that he gave years before in charity to the boy who gave him a few yard lift by attending his free class because he didn’t have the time, luxury and the desire, to waste a day in learning ‘how to write and become a good writer’. It’s almost unlikely to find a ‘Master’ better than him to learn all you need about ‘How to Write’ in less than one minute.)

Lastly, to satisfy your curiosity and inspire a bit.  

“You’re reading it because a child was slightly fascinated by ‘Reading the Writings’ and wanted to ‘Learn and Know what is Writing and how it Feels’. So, he decided to write 100 small posts in his spare time effortlessly and completed the target in less than half of his allocated time.

Awaken The Child Within You

If Anyone On This Planet Can Do It With Doubt

You Can Do It Without A Single Doubt

If Anyone Has The Right To Live Her Dreams

You Certainly Have It

You Don’t Need Any Motivation To Act

You Have THAT

Know Yourself And Do It


You Will Love It

Feel It, And You Will Start Living It

And Once You Start Living It

You’ll Come To Know

This Is What You’re Born For

THAT You Were Seeking

I’m Sorry, But I Think It Was Seeking You.

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