Unconditional Love

What To Do If She Doesn’t Love You?

“You are the kind of thing who takes from me

And never gives anything away

And when you call to me with your synchronicity

I can’t help but run to you

You, my horrible star

I can’t help but run to you when you call for me.”

― Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

Love can’t be purchased, snatched, or stolen. You can’t get it by force.

It’s unpurchasable.

You can’t force a genuine girl to fall in love with you, no matter how rich you are, how lavish a life you’re living, or how smart you are.

It happens by coincidence. You can’t force it on anyone.

If you’ve fallen in love with a pretty girl and she doesn’t love you or worst if she doesn’t give a glance of look to you. It’s okay. There is no fault on her part, and neither you’re wrong.

Don’t try to embarrass her. Don’t try to impress her. Let her go.

If you genuinely love her, pray to God for her happiness.

Her happiness will make you feel good, not her love.

Most people don’t understand the simple truth that love is all about caring and not getting the attention of someone. She’s not an object, and you’ve no right over her. She is independent to chooses the best for herself.

Your role is to make her feel happy, even if it is through sacrificing your love for her.

If you can understand it, honestly, you’ve not fallen but risen in love with someone who is the absolute angel of God.

She is here to teach you a lesson. Learn the address, and soon your love for the angel will transform into love for God. That’s the highest level of love a human being can achieve.


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