Setting the Whole World on Fire

It's Going To Be Better Than The Last.

There is a spark in you waiting to light a fire.

It has the potential to burn the whole World.

What it’s doing now…

It’s burning without a purpose.

Give this spark a direction.

The Work of Fire is to burn that comes in contact with it, no matter what it is. Channel your energies into something constructive and creative. It can be anything you love; if you don’t love anything, at least fall in love with yourself. If you can’t do that, surrender to the Eternal Now Moment. Be the witness of what is right now here at this moment.

Don’t fight with yourself. Stay calm. You’re here for a purpose. Don’t get irritated and frustrated if you cannot identify it now. You’re not the only one. Millions have walked before you on the ‘Way’ to find life’s ‘meaning and purpose,’ resulting in love, peace, and satisfaction.

If you’ll stay tuned with your ‘True Self’…

You’ll Find The Way.

Keep identifying the patterns, recognize what resonates with you, what music makes you dance naturally, and what gives you peace and satisfaction.

Love the child within you that is the cutest version of you. Embrace it. Give it sufficient time to grow and nourish.
Yeah. It’s true. You’ve infinite potential and a spark waiting to set the World on Fire.

Use ‘everything’ that you’ve got from Life as a Gift…

To create something beautiful, creative, and constructive. Something that the World needs.
Something that has never been before.
Something that you can share with everyone easily.

Something That You Love.

Love has the potential to change the World.

You’re here to Fall in Love with the World, including yourself.

Your Selfless Love will Itself Transform the World.

Right from the Scratch Into a Better World.

“What’s the Worry of a Moth 

Its Love is the Fire

 It dies for Love burning itself 

To become the Fire to let it all be the Fire

When the Fire sets in, it creates more Fire

If not directed for a Task

It burns Everything that Comes in its Contact

You came from Fire

Hence, you’ve got the Spark.

Be the Fire but not without a direction

Ignite more inside you but with Love 

Set the whole World on Fire

Without a Thought

But with the Touch of Love

Being Inspired by the Love”

That’s the whole Game of setting the World on Fire to Fulfill your Dreams, traveling in the Caravan of Dreams to Realize the Dream as a Dream without letting others disturb it, and simultaneously, not Disturbing to break their Dreams.

Dreams Are Dreams.

Whether it’s your or someone else’s. 

Respect Both.


Don’t Get Attached To The Dream.

Dreams are destined to be smashed into pieces.

Each Piece Returning To Fire.

The termination of one dream is the inception of the new…

Embrace The Conception of A New Dream.


It’s Going To Be Better Than The Last.

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