Matters of Self-Respect

Listen the calling. Search out deep in your heart what makes you dance. What is the 'one thing' that inspires you? Fall in love with that 'one thing'. And, with time and practice, you’ll achieve mastery in it.

Aira: Why don’t I don’t give me the ‘attention and respect’ I deserve?

Airis: It’s because you don’t have respect for yourself.

Aira: You mean I don’t have self-respect?

Airis: Somehow, like that…

Maybe you don’t know your actual worth.

Aira: All I know is that I’m not a genius and don’t have an intelligent brain.

Airis: Means you’re like me.

Aira: No. You’re the best. You’re incomparable. You’re unique.

Airis: So you are.

Aira: But why can’t I believe that I’m good enough?

Airis: Why are you chasing to be good enough? Just be as you are.

Aira: But in that way, I will be left behind in the race.

Airis: Which race?

Aira: I mean, you’re God-gifted. It looks as if Gods have a hand over your shoulders, and you’re the dearest son of Mother Nature. You don’t have to compete with anyone. Whatever you touch, it turns into Gold. But people like me have to struggle daily. We are ordinary people. We compete for everything, everywhere, and maybe we will die competing with each other forever without success.

Airis: (Smiling…) So, you’re jealous of me. Right?

Aira: How can I? I love you. I was trying to say…

Airis: You perceive that I have ‘complete freedom and absolute peace of mind’…

You’re right.

But you don’t know anything about the hard struggle that I had with my life and the sacrifices that I made as a child before I turned into a boy, let alone being a grown-up. 
All you know is about the ‘smile on my face’ but nothing about ‘tears in my eyes’.

Aira: But you never told anything about your ‘pain and sufferings.’ 

Airis: Because that will fill your eyes with tears, and I can’t see tears in your eyes because of me.

Aira: So, what do you want me to be?

Airis: I don’t want anything for you. You’ve got to decide ‘what you want yourself to be.’

Aira: And what do I have to do for that?

Airis: Listen to the calling. Search deep in your heart for what makes you dance. What is the ‘one thing’ that inspires you? Fall in love with that ‘one thing.’ And, with time and practice, you’ll achieve mastery in it.

With mastery comes the…

Perfection. And, with embodiment…

the absolute peace of mind and complete satisfaction. And it’s all that you crave for.

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