Talks of Heart: Letter To The eX

The Beginning: Part 1

It’s said that with a first kiss the love decreases…

…but the love of aliens increases with each kiss.

The Letter:

Dear eX

Years have been passed, now you’re not with me but it looks as if you’re always in me. What I do of my thoughts, whatever I think, there is a constant image of your presence. Walking above the cloud of ever-changing thoughts, there is a vast ocean of love in that I’m a drop of water. Whatever I feel there is your sensation in it. It appears as if my body has become a lake of sorrow in that there is an ocean of tears. In my mornings and the evenings, is there a time when I can afford not to remember you? The day and night, can I tell the difference between the two. It seems as if I am floating without purpose above the valley of death that will come to an end only with the end of my life.

I’m not a writer that I can express my feelings to you by writing a letter or typing a message. I’m not a singer that I can express my emotions with my voice. I’m not an artist that I can paint my thoughts of infinite love for you so that you can realize how much I loved you. I’m sorry. I’m born with limited capabilities. I’m not a genius, neither a divine messenger, still, there is one thing that may look ordinary to you but I’ll say anyway, I love You. It’s all that I know. I don’t know how to express it so that you can understand how much I loved you. The first time I saw you. I felt something that I didn’t understand. Then I didn’t believe in love, leave alone love at first sight. But maybe with you, there was something different.

You came to my life like an angel, transformed me with your grace and went away in a blink of an eyelid. You’re as swift as a thought that I can’t catch you.

I am completely and absolutely stunned and surprised just by your thought. You made me the happiest person ever born on this planet. And now you’re not with me. How can I tolerate such unbearable pain?

The question is on my lips and leaping out of my heart to ask one thing…

When you’ll come back?

You know breaking someone’s heart is excused if you can stick it back.

Your once dearest


The Background Picture: 

If something can touch your heart, it doesn’t mean it’s personal.

If someone can think, walk and talk, it doesn’t mean he or she is a human.


If someone can’t feel something, it doesn’t mean he or she is a humanoid.

Life is pretty short, don’t waste it for anyone, no matter who he or she is. Yeah, You’re here to fall in love with someone but don’t waste your time and life for one who doesn’t have respect for your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Life doesn’t end with a person, it keeps on moving and you, too, have to keep moving on your journey. It’s a ’caravan of dreams’ where you met a lot of people, with some you’re indifferent, to some you like, others’ you hate, and with some, you feel something different, and fall in love.

If you explore in-depth, you’ll find that love is not a feeling or emotion. Neither it is spending time with someone whom you think you love the most, nor making one person feel important all the time, leaving everything and everyone, forgetting all your other relationships with family, friends, society and more importantly forgetting yourself, your self-worth and your lifestyle, making yourself isolated from the world and life; living like a dead alive with one person and if that person is not with you, it’s all over. Now, there is nothing in life. It’s time to leave the world.

It can be called infatuation but not love.
There is a difference between love and infatuation.

Love is something beyond that.

The Brainstorming Question:

By the way, what does this word ’Ex’ mean…?

According to Mathematics, ’x’ is a variable…

And if we add ’E’ in front of it, maybe it…

Yeah according to the English language, example…

Behind The Scenes:

…She called me

Here my life is swinging between life and death…

…You’re playing with my thoughts proving everything is right with me giving proof that I’m wrong and you’re right with your nonsense thoughts.

You don’t know…

How it feels when you fall in love with someone?

If I found you, I’m going to…

…Kill you

It felt like she said…

Fall in love with you

I replied…

Don’t take the second risk,

Go ahead with the first one.

Not the person but the choice…

Because, in the end, it’s all about Choice

And your Choice shapes your Life…

Because you always have the option to Change…

”Your Life with Conscious Choice”

Wish You All The Best.

Recommended Reading: The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman

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  1. You’re great at expressing emotions. First I thought it’s a bullshit article but as I moved, I saw the brilliant storyteller in you. Keep it up.

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