She’s Waiting For You

Can you offer your blood and sweat to her?

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

— Napoleon Hill

Every day it’s the same story. We keep on trying getting no results. We follow the process but need more confidence to execute it effectively. In achieving the best, we’re losing our health and saving money.

Our emotions tell us a fake story, and thoughts create a scary world. Often we feel good but regret that later. We find peace nowhere.

When we look at others, we find them in better conditions enjoying all the luxuries of life, and here we’re struggling with our fears to create something, and the result is always a failure.

Where to go and what to do?

We’ve got a past that laughs at us. In the present, we’re scared of thinking about the future. It seems all dark.

Everything is against us.

So how do you survive in this environment of unlimited risks?

Are we made to fail at everything?

Is there a fault in our stars that we cannot create a fortune?

Why this disparity among us?

Are we not good enough to attract health, wealth, and wisdom?

My dear friend, it’s easy to tell a sad story, and people may empathize with you, but it doesn’t make any difference to the truth.

How many hours you’re giving to achieve your goals, and with what amount of concentration?

Do you have the commitment, focus, and consistency to turn the possibility into reality?

Are you flexible enough to change your process and try something different?

Nothing will change if you’re not going to change yourself. If you follow a process of failure, you’ll only get that. What else can you expect?

Can you see the rigidity in you?

Can you witness arrogance and jealousy in yourself?

Can you see the habit of laziness and procrastination in you?

How can you succeed when your mind has become a closed vessel?

The body and mind stagnate, and you’re doing nothing about that?

The truth is that you’re giving excuses for not doing it.

A coward has nothing to give others except excuses. You want everything in life without paying a cost. You don’t wish to want to feel the pain of failure.

How stupid is it to expect something in a world of name and form without putting in the effort to make yourself uncomfortable?

My dear friend, pain is the luxury of those who dare to get anything significant. Mere fantasy is the world of fools. They get nothing in the end except humiliation.

Whether you want to win a true woman’s heart or create wealth in this materialistic world, you must make friends with the pain.

There can be no better friend to you other than pain. It’s the beauty of bravery that inspires us. Without that, a person remains impotent to do anything of significance.

I can’t give you that if you seek my sympathy, my dear friend. I’ll abuse, insult and criticize you until you take the initial step to discipline yourself and start working hard to make your dreams come true.

I’ll humiliate you till your mind and body level become as strong as the steel of Bethlehem.

Continue your practice. The best players don’t work inside the home. They play with dirt and mud to become as strong as they can. The scars on their body and the flexibility of their mind tell the story of success. They’ve not achieved anything of significance, but I can still see the sense of satisfaction on their faces.

They don’t think about quitting. These players create rules and laws to break the boundaries that stop them from achieving their goals.

If you want to experience true success, feel the absolute humiliation of failure. It will guide you to win the heart of the woman who lived in your heart. She is the goddess of health, wealth, and happiness but needs sacrifice.

Can you offer your blood and sweat to her?

If not, then there is no one to blame anyone except you.

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