Starting A New Day With A Beautiful Morning

If you want to live a beautiful day, start with a beautiful morning. It doesn’t matter at what time you wake up, but once you wake up, do something that you love to do.

For the first few minutes, you can select any one or a set of few activities that you love.

Listening to your favorite Music.

Reading a page of a non-fiction book.

Taking a light exercise to boost your energies.

Practising Martial Art, Yoga or Dance.

Imagining a beautiful day in your mental eyes.

Feeling grateful for at least one thing that you have.

Thinking some quote that you admire the most.

Meditating on your Higher Self.

Scribing a few words on a piece of paper.


Just witnessing the ‘isness’ of the moment.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, but do something that makes you feel good. That can silent the bombardment of thoughts that are mostly filled with pessimism and negativity. Just do it to silent the wandering monkey mind.

There may be a lot of works for you to do but first ‘make yourself ready for the day’ by tuning yourself with the morning to make it beautiful, so that you can face the day with an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.

The journey toward being a ‘Realist’ starts with moving from pessimism and negativity to optimism and positivity and then leaving both to see the ‘Reality‘ as it is, not just the one face of it.

If you want a complete transmutation in yourself, you will need ‘energy’ and ‘energy‘ comes by doing certain things in a certain way. So, do something that raises your energy levels. Identify the activities that give you access to the dimensions of love, creativity, wisdom, power, intuition, and inspiration.

A new day starts with the new morning and to make your day the most beautiful day of your life, make the morning ‘most beautiful’ and the day will take care of itself.

With Best Wishes,

Have a beautiful morning when you wake up the next day.

Nothing changes by reading this ‘message’ and then forgetting it. You have to take ‘action’. 

So, when are you going to take action?

Next year, next month, next week, next day, next morning, or ‘right now here at this moment’.


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