The Learning Curve

Please don’t hesitate to imitate the best qualities of your role models.

Empty Your Mind

-Bruce Lee

‘Observation’ Is the Key to All Learning.

‘Imitation’ is the Easiest Way to Learn.


‘Repetition’ Is the Mother of All Learning.

Irrespective of our achievements in study and work…

…There is left behind a lot to seek and learn.

Let’s begin!

A child learns spontaneously by ‘imitating’ her surroundings.

She ‘listens’ to the people around her ‘speaking’ and ‘learns’ it all effortlessly.

Her ‘curiosity’ to know everything makes her a ‘fast learner’.

But as soon as this child matures, she is forced to follow what ‘everyone around her’ wants her to read, write, and learn.

It ‘suppresses’ her ‘nature’ and ‘produces’ a ‘resistance’ inside her. With time, she becomes an object of ‘show-off-melodrama-show’ pretending to show what she is ‘Not’ and always busy to impress everyone around her.


For a student of life, there is no end to education. She keeps on learning every moment from everything she encounters in her daily life. And she doesn’t mind learning from those who are ‘Masters of the Mind.’

They don’t need to have more knowledge, but it’s definite that they’ve more ‘experience’ and ‘better words’ to express the ‘reality’ in the words of the world.

So, if you’re genuinely interested in learning something, anything, or everything, 
for the first time in human history, every kind of ‘knowledge and wisdom’ is available on the web, everywhere across the globe.

From the reality of ‘materialistic successes’ in the outer world to the ‘spiritual reality’ of the inner world. 

 Each and every information is ‘available’. 

 And yeah…

“Free of Cost”

All you need is a realistic mindset, a proper learning approach, and a curious mind of a little child willing to ‘seek and learn.’

Please don’t hesitate to imitate the best qualities of your role models.

They, too, have learned from someone through observation, imitation, repetition, and modeling.

“Even Masters have Masters, no matter if a person is born Master and Mother Nature herself is the Guide.”


What You Seek Is Seeking You.


Only a Seeker can Realize the Truth. 


One has to become a Lover of Truth

To become a Seeker to Realize the Truth.


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