The Origin of Creativity

You Don’t Need To Be A ‘Genius’ For Being ‘Imaginative and Creative.’

Do You Know A Secret…

Not So Secret 
Most The People Are Not Aware of It.

No human being can imagine anything that is not based on experience.

No Matter What The Imagination Is…

It’s Simply Because.

To Imagine Something

It would be best if you had ‘memories’ stored in your ‘unconscious mind’ and are coming from there whether you’re conscious or not.

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‘Creativity’ is  ‘connecting the dots’ and ‘recognizing the patterns’ based on

 ‘personal experience’ and ‘intuitive thinking’ 

whether ‘consciously’ or ‘unconsciously.’


‘Imagination’ is ‘higher level intuitive thinking’ based on ‘personal experiences.’


Take Birth
‘Still, Mind’


From ‘Chattering Voices Inside The Head.’

You Don’t Need To Be A ‘Genius’ 


Being ‘Imaginative and Creative.’

All It Takes Is

A Still Mind.

That’s Why…

Before Composing or Creating Anything.

Empty Your Mind


You’ll create a Super Work of Art.

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    Another good article & yeah the flight pic is superb.

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