Trading Journal

The Route To Success

“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”

― Pearl S. Buck

At any moment of the day, be grateful for what you’ve, for many people don’t have that.

Be present and forgive yourself for the losses you made in the past. Perform your duty, do your best and leave the fruits of the work on almighty.

Even after a day of hard work, some people can’t get two meals a day, but you have an abundance of food and beverages. Be grateful for that.

Everyday life brings new hope. You can cover the losses tomorrow, but if you lose the insight to witness the beauty and perfection of this world, you will lose the way of life.

Don’t be greedy and be afraid of nothing. Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’ll succeed in it because you have the talent to excel.

Keep on improving yourself. Every day, test your limits. Only through trial and error can you discover the exact route to success.