The Search for Love

The moment we genuinely accept ourselves and stop craving anything from anyone, we restore our power to attract all the love and respect of others by itself.

 “Be enough for yourself first. The rest of the world can wait.”

 — fw

We have a craving to be cared for and to be made special by someone. We seek to be recognized and respected by others. We are like kids who can’t survive without love and affection.

There is nothing wrong with wishing to be loved and respected by others, but once we start depending on others for our happiness, we lose our power. The other person starts ruling our life, and we become puppets in her hands.

No love outside of us can truly make us feel good. Unless we have a deep sense of self-worth and self-esteem, no outside force can create happiness within us. The joy we occasionally think of is the result of self-love and self-care.

Getting dependent on others for love and approval is like giving the key to our home to the neighbor and waiting for her to open the house doors. Can it be called a wise decision?

Fall in love with yourself. Do whatever you love to do and take care of yourself. Love your body unconditionally and appreciate the intelligence of your mind. You’re unique and have to realize this truth in your heart.

Feel grateful for the little things in your life. Do your best to live every moment to its fullest. Any moment Goddess of Death can come and take our breath away from us. Life is short. We can’t waste it on expectations from others.

People love and respect you not because you want that but because they feel a sense of belongingness to you. You’ve to realize in your mind that you are loving, and worth being loved by others.

The moment you genuinely accept yourself and stop craving anything from anyone, you’ll restore your power to attract all the love and respect of others by itself. Self-love is the key to accessing the power within you.

Witness the miracle of life and allow the creativity within you to create magic in your work and relationships. Don’t get obsessed with anyone for anything. Feel free to express the joy within you; through that expression, you will win the heart of everyone around you effortlessly.

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