The Three Ghosts

Mind is a master weaver. It creates fantasies based on our ‘fears and desires’ that may or may not have any ‘practical relevance’ in our day to day ‘life and living‘. And most of the time it’s simply ‘irrelevant‘ to any of our ‘practical problems and its solutions’. 

All that happens is the ‘incessant noise‘ that ‘confuses us‘ by creating feardoubt, and disbelief in ‘everything that we encounter in our day to day life‘.

These three monsters take complete control of our body-mind complex to make us a victim of our own ‘preconceived notions‘ and ‘negative thoughts‘ filled with ‘uncertainty and loss‘ or ‘risk and tragedy’.

Fear generates an intense ‘emotional negative energy’ that makes us handicapped, reducing us to a person who is incapable of taking any action at all, let alone taking bold action.

Doubt generates ‘mistrust‘ in our surroundings and the people with whom we come in contact. 
And sometimes it single-handedly destroys even the most intimate relationships.

Disbelief is the monster that you’re encountering ‘right now here at this moment. It’s making you susceptible to suspicion of your knowledge and
wisdom, unable to discriminate right from wrong, truth from untruth, and real from unreal.

Always, check for these three ghosts.

Where is their residence?

Of course, inside your brain.

Anytime, they can sabotage you. So, look within and try to figure out all the fears, doubts and disbeliefs in you.

And once you find out the symptoms you can cure yourself.

Don’t take it lightly. These ghosts have ruined millions of lives across the planet and you may be their next target.

Don’t panic.

Witness the reality as it is and kill these monsters at the first sight before they kill you.

You can do that.

But for that, you’ve to diagnose yourself then only you can cure yourself.

Remember, always…

Your mind is your worst enemy as well as your best friend.

Choose wisely.

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