Think About Writing A Blog

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

If you’re somewhere around fourteen to twenty-one and figuring out to choose a career, I have an advice for you.

Start writing a blog and share your interest with the World. It may not become your full-time career but will present you with opportunities you can’t imagine today.

Writing daily and systematically creates discipline and love for the art we’re presenting to the World. People like our uniqueness, and their comments help us to learn and grow.

To write something, you’ve to read a lot, which naturally creates interest in reading and exploring a wide media of books and blogs.

We become better thinkers, and our communication skills improve significantly. We’re no more daydreamers but have become hyper-realists because writing gives us feedback from real-life people doing something creative in their lives.

Don’t think about earning from your art. First, focus on mastering the craft and, later, scale your experience to create a dream life.

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