Travel More to Learn About the World

The Journey Itself Gives You The Direction. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


If you want to get some original insight into the world’s problems, come out of your cubicles to see reality with the naked eyes without the limelight of the camera.

You will see a different version of reality.

If you want to know more about people, things, and places, travel more to see the clear picture of the masked reality filled with dusty phrases and broken frames.

If you’re a teen in her early college days, take a small leave from academics to learn something more critical outside the curricula.

If you have got bored with the same kind of people, their usual nonsense talk, and the same endless problems with no practical solutions, get some insight by coming out of the small hole of your comfort zone to a new area of experimentation.

If you’re tired of sickness, get some fresh air from the place that attracts you the most, it’s almost certain you will see ‘the change.’

Whether you’re a son of a farmer or the daughter of a gardener, the kid of a billionaire or the child of an official, if you can read it, it means you have the skill to write; now the next move is to learn something new.

And for that, you don’t need anyone. You have access to the “net of possibilities,” travel more, and you will get the chance to proofread what you have learned by getting in contact with practical wisdom.

If you’re tired of living and finding a refuge, just come out of where you are; a new place is waiting for you to give your life an entirely new direction toward the inner Self of infinite possibilities.

And if you are all alone, knowing not what to do next, open your windows and look outside; there is a path going somewhere; walk a little on it, and the ‘Way’ will show you the course by itself. But first, you must open your doors and step out of your room.

Most of the time, you give direction to your journey but once in a while...

The Journey Itself Gives You The Direction

Start the journey by traveling on the ‘Way.’ You will love it. Once you fall in love with it, you’ll start living, and once you start living…

You’ll Feel ‘Alive.’

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