What F*cks Us The Most?

Baby, it’s no one else except the little device in our hands- the beloved smartphone. Do you know, how many […]

Baby, it’s no one else except the little device in our hands- the beloved smartphone.

Do you know, how many hours we spend with it?

Can you measure how much productive time it snatches from us?

Have you any idea about the degradation it brings in our relationships?

We don’t have time to have a little conversation with our parents, but we don’t care about time to chat with a random stranger on social media.

We don’t have time to do a little meditation of 10 minutes, but we’ve time to swipe Instagram reels for 20 minutes without any purpose.

How strange it is that we can live without our family and friends but not without social media apps installed in our smartphones.

Isn’t that an addiction to check the notification every 5 minute?

Isn’t that a disease to carry our smartphone everywhere we go?

Why can’t we live without it?

These social media campaigns are highjacking our brains and reducing our hearts to the level of machines- no deep feeling and intense emotions of love, only sensations in the body.

Drug or sex, what’s that?

Every day new sensations, more need for instant gratification, attachment with pleasure, and avoidance of pain.

Where is the escape from real-life problems?

Is that porn or motivational videos we’re watching?

Return to your senses. It’s nothing but a distraction. Get rid of this addiction to checking the smartphone. It’s always ready to f*ck us.

It’s a servant created to make our lives simple. Don’t complicate yourself with all the information you’re gathering from here and there on the internet. It’s available with a click; it doesn’t mean it’s relevant to you.

In the 21st century, anyone can access all the knowledge available on Internet, but not everyone can have the creativity and courage to display what’s percolating within them. It’s a million-dollar asset, but we’re selling it free on the Internet with our smartphone – time is precious; please don’t waste it.

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