Where Is Hope?

We keep on searching for a mirage that doesn’t exist. We run behind love and money, hoping that we’ll find […]

We keep on searching for a mirage that doesn’t exist. We run behind love and money, hoping that we’ll find happiness through them one day. We chase the fake world of fame to experience a reality of success. In our journey to the self, we encounter countless people and places that promise to make our dreams come true, but in the end, we find ourselves standing empty hand on the bank of a river witnessing the flow of water.

We create a castle of dreams with our ego, and one day, that dream shatters. We hope for a bright future, and we land in the dark cave of hopelessness. We feel helpless.

I don’t have words to express my experiences, ordinary but significant. Many times a day, I face those challenges that our ancestors faced walking alone in the forests of the savannah. Loneliness, boredom, and fear, the struggle is of survival. The failure to get a meal and the fear of being killed by a tiger is dangerous. I want to return to a safe place, but where is the safety in this world?

This morning when I opened my laptop, there was a spark in my eyes that today I’ll hunt a giant mammoth, but soon I encountered the reality. It’s another day, just like the previous one. There is no meal today, and the tiger is approaching me to tear away every part of my body. The brain has stopped giving the signal. Security is weak. Soon I’ll be in the mouth of a tiger but wait. Still, there is hope in my eyes.

Hope is a dangerous thing, my friend, but what shall we do when there comes the stage of extinction? We don’t have an option not to hope for a better future.

People struggling with anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder, and all those fancy names that I can’t count; know a truth that we can’t believe. There is no hope, but hope is as accurate as a mirage for us. It doesn’t exist. Still, we need it to survive. That’s how we’ve survived for millions of years, hoping that everything will be fine one day. We know that no such day exists; we don’t lose hope.

It’s an addiction to wake up every morning hoping that we’ll get the kill today. We hope to kill both the mammoth and the tiger one day. That day we’ll celebrate the party of our success.

In the dark cave, a man is sitting, covering his head with his hands. He doesn’t know there is light outside the cave. To witness that he has to come out of the cave, but I know that he’ll never come out of that dark cave. That’s his home, and from there, he reaches his destiny.

Is there still hope?

I don’t think so.

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

– Desmond Tutu

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