What To Do If I Have Not Got A Talent?

Your uniqueness is more important than your skill or talent. You've got a set of genes that are driving your life.

“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”

― Erica Jong

It’s okay if you’ve got no talent. Still, you’re valuable.

Even if the World denies you and thinks you’re dirt, you’re still unique.

Uniqueness is more important than talent. You’ve got a set of unique genes that are driving your life. Don’t worry about anything. Trust in the process of life and its capability to turn an acorn into a beautiful oak tree.

No one knows how exactly a fish can swim or a bird can fly. Does anyone ever teach them how to swim or fly?

We, humans, have a generic problem of generalization. We believe in looking at things as if it’s true for everyone. But the truth is that we live in different Worlds inside our brains.

Don’t follow a fool or genius. Just focus on your uniqueness. It will refine you towards better captions you can install inside your mental system.

If nothing works for you today, it doesn’t mean you’ll be the same forever. The weather rain gets replaced by a sunny day. Nothing lasts forever.

I want to request you one thing. Please don’t stop. Keep on doing something you love to do. Even if it’s not paying you monetarily, you’re acquitting a skill by practising it.

Talent can be god gifted, but the ability to acquire the skill is in our hands, and if god has written failure in our destiny by erasing talent from our birth chart, we can change our future by acquiring a skill.

It’s nothing else but hardcore practice.

It has worked since the dawn of human civilization and will work for you and me.

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