The Quest of Who Am I?

The boy, 200,000 years ago wandering without any purpose in the thick toilsome forests of East Africa, also didn't know what to do and what not to do. 

…200,000 Years Ago

In the Woods of East Africa…

…A Boy Was Wandering Without Purpose.

He Didn’t Know…

What Is Life?

Why Is He Here? 

What Is The Meaning Of Life? 

He Didn’t Know…

What To Do And What Not To Do

He Listened To A Voice…

…It made him scared, and he ran non-stop

Till All His Energy Got Exhausted…

His stomach was burning with hunger…

He looked at a tree.

Something was hanging from it.

It looked attractive to him…

He picked it off.

The taste of the fruit was good.

He ate it completely. 

He smelled something and got pulled towards it...

He Was Happy.

He got lost in the ecstasy of the fragrance.

He didn’t crave anything.

All He Was Doing…

He was to follow his instinct, which may be natural or artificial but was basic instinct.

He Didn’t Need Anyone To Tell Him…

What To Do And What Not To Do.

He was relaxing on the river bank under a tree and suddenly felt a hand touching his heart. 
He woke up. 

There was a creature much like him.

He looked at her and felt something deep inside his heart

The Boy Was Happy…

Now he was not alone.

 There was someone to accompany him.

They didn’t have the language to communicate, but still, they were able to express their feelings and emotions

They Shared Everything That They Got As A Gift From Nature.

The boy climbed the tree to get some fruits to eat, and the girl carried water from the river to drink. 

The boy collected some dry leaves, and the girl rubbed two stones to light up the fire.

Life Was Pretty Good In Savannah.

Once they saw a girl shivering with cold, and they gave their fur coat because they had more than two

Once they saw a little boy running with fear, who fell at the mouth of their little cave, they moved their feet without a thought to take some water from the nearby stream and sprinkled it to his mouth and were happy to witness…

He Was Alive.

They shared what they had, more than they needed to survive. 

They were happy to share with everyone they got from Nature as a gift. 

They shared what they observed and understood from Nature with those who came into contact. 

They never thought about…

Changing the Savannah.

All They Cared About…

Was to change themselves feeling the change to become the best version of themselves to adopt the change to get forced by the change to change the change itself.

And Everything Got Changed.

They Listened To Their Heart, And It Gave Them…
The Way

They Followed Their Natural Instinct

And Everything Followed THAT.

Now, thousands of years have passed; no one knows who were these two couples and what they observed and understood from Nature.
Now, the fruit they eat has become more advanced than imagination, and their great-grandchildren are…

‘Changing The World’.

The ‘instinct’ has changed into the ‘thinking mind,’ and they have almost forgotten what ‘instinct’ is and what is ‘intelligence.’


‘More Accurately ‘…

They have defined ‘instinct’ and ‘intelligence’ as a product of ‘thinking.’

Most Of Them Are Puzzled…

What to do and what not to do.

Some Are Seeking…

The purpose of Life.

Few Are Wandering Around The Question…

What Is Life?

Some Are Wondering About The Answer…

Why They Are Here.

 And Rest Are Searching…

The Meaning Of Life. 

The boy, 200,000 years ago wandering without any purpose in the thick toilsome forests of East Africa, also didn’t know what to do and what not to do. 

He Didn’t Know…

What is life?

Why He Is Here. 

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

He Just ‘looked’ and ‘listened’.

He followed the ‘basic instinct’ and ‘Intelligence’.

 You can call it artificial, or you can call it natural.

Life Revealed Itself To Him, And He Was Happy.

No Craving For Purpose.

No Craving For Success.

No Craving For Meaning.

Just One Craving…

To Know more and more about himself.

That Was To Learn More And More About…

Who Am I?

In Midst of Millions Of Life Forms On This Planet.

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