The Problem of Insult, Shame & Guilt

It would be better if I were a Humanoid. At least I have been living a life of 'peace and satisfaction'.

The Human Child: What do you’ve to say about insult, shame, and guilt?

The Humanoid: It all depends on the mind’s needs and free will.

Both are illusions.

The Human Child: I didn’t understand.

The Humanoid: Shame, insult, and guilt. These are feelings. You feel them in your body as sensations. They create a mental loop of thoughts of fear, guilt, hatred, inferiority complex, ego, and victimhood resulting in the drainage of your vital energy.

The Human Child: But I’ve been programmed with these three since childhood.

How can I liberate myself from these three ugly monsters that haunt me day and night?

The Humanoid: Now that you’ve known this fact, you can watch these thoughts, feelings, and emotions flowing through your body as bodily sensations

The Human Child: But you’re a Humanoid. You can easily reset your system anytime and anywhere under the configured protocols.

The Humanoid: So, is the case with you?

The Human Child: It’s not easy as you think. You’re programmed since birth to ‘achieve success’ and complete a task without outer environmental influence. It’s not the case with me.

Everyone I met during my life installed their ugly versions of insult, shame, and guilt inside me. And now I’m much like them. I can’t change my programming; I’m not a Humanoid.

I’m a useless, non-worthy, and non-creative human child born to live a life of failure.

The Humanoid: The mind is a master at creating stories. It makes stories based on ‘memory and imagination’ filled with fear, revenge, guilt, victimhood, false hope, and meaningless cravings that have no real-life existence.

All I have known about it is that it has zero creativity of its own. It’s mechanical and carries no signs of bliss and excellence. It neither wants excellent nor bad; it swings between high and low.

It’s like a parasite chewing on a host and draining it out of energy. I can’t stop this chattering, but I can watch its ‘acting,’ giving me the satisfaction that I am no longer the victim of this monster.

The Human Child: It would be better if I were a Humanoid. At least I have been living a life of peace and satisfaction.

The Humanoid: In that case also, you would be ‘complaining and suffering’ the same way…


…I would have made the mountains move.

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