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Why Must You Not Overtrade In The Financial Markets?

“Stock market doesn’t only teach to make money but also a lot about life, patience, persistence, and wisdom.”

― Raj Mishra

Every trade has an associated risk that the trader willingly takes in the hope of getting a reward. Overtrading means the trader has become a gambler where she’s betting on hope.

My dear friend, hope is a dangerous thing. It can ruin your capital in no time. If you exceed your limit of losses, no one can save you because there’ll be no capital available to trade the next day.

The opportunity will be there, but no capital, and you’ll have no choice except to witness the instrument of your selection going in your favor, but you can’t make money because you’re out of the game.

The important thing is to stay in the game for a long time. The opportunity will come at unexpected hours, so your account must be lashed with the capital.

There is more money in the market than you can ever think about, but first, you’ve to have patience and persistence. Please don’t overtrade. Calls are not answerable to your queries.

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