Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is a state that is a byproduct of being rooted in the Self, leaving the false ego of individuality composed of lack and limitation. 

Peace of Mind comes from acknowledging that your deep essence is inseparable from the Truth. You are a conscious substance that is aware of itself.

There are no goals to achieve that aren’t inspired by your Higher Self. No action is to be taken that doesn’t reflect your True Nature.

Peace of mind is a state that is a byproduct of being rooted in the Self, leaving the false ego of an individuality composed of lack and limitation

It comes from the understanding that you are not the doer but a medium through which the formless Consciousness expresses itself in physical form.

Peace of mind is a Gift of Nature that protracts your awareness to Witness Reality as it allows you to feel yourself, to know yourself, and to love yourself.

It motivates you to create something unique in this World that has never been before…

Inspired by Love and Powered by Self.

It gives you access to the Source of Intelligence whose expression is ethereal, ineffable, and infallible, and that is much wiser than our ephemeral little egoic selves. 

Peace of mind is not a piece of individuality but a divine juice of composite acceptance, enjoyment, enthusiasm, gratitude, and love.

It’s the operating system on which the whole of the ‘Being of Consciousness’ operates. A ‘State of Being’ where you can witness life’s Oneness. Where there is no fragmentation. No separation. 

But. Oneness. Absolute Oneness. 

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  4. Truly said… Peace of mind is a gift of nature…. We will not be able to achieve any aim unless we remain calm in mind… Reading your blogs makes me better every day… I am getting positive changes every day by reading your blogs… Thank you very much for writing such good blogs and for reaching us…. 😍😍

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