Dance on the Beat of Life


“Be — don’t try to become”

― Osho

Life is short. We can’t waste it doing the work that we hate. Even if it pays you little, do what you love to do.

When we work for money, people use us as a tool. We become production machines with no feelings and emotions. People exploit us. But when we work out of love, they can snatch nothing from us. We’re doing it to learn more about our subject. It becomes a work of flow where we feel the same state of consciousness a monk feels in his meditation and a priest in her prayer.

With the inflow of love, the work becomes sacred. There is no attachment or affliction. All we are doing is enjoying ourselves. For others, it may seem like work, but for us, it’s playing. We love the movement of our body and the involvement of the brain to produce something new on this planet.

We dance to the music of life, doing the work for that we’ve been brought to this planet. Every day is new, and every moment brings us the Message of God for whom we work. It feels as if he is instructing what to do next.

In moments of despair and desperation, we surrender our little ego at the feet of our Great Creator and ask for mercy and advice. He listens to our calls and gifts us the unique ways through which we can express our creativity and live a life of beauty and perfection.

Once we know the purpose of our lives, it becomes easy to work for love. Money may come or not as a reward, but never there is scarcity. God creates ways to feed our stomachs so that we can concentrate on learning the spiritual lesson he designed exclusively for us.

It’s personal. Everyone has a different dance, and for that, there exists a unique beat. Listen to the music playing in the background and find your unique dance style. Hop on the moment of life. Love, dance, and create your next masterpiece.

Don’t think about others. Who knows, today is our last day on this planet. Why leave a regret?

Stop wasting time on unnecessary things. Start doing what you love to do, which will give you peace of mind.

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