Exploring the Creativity Within Us

As a novice, we're criticized for failing to produce great art, but nobody cares that no one was there to teach us anything about the subject.

“Done is better than good.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

If you ask me to answer in a one-word solution to all the problems in the world, my answer is creativity. You may disagree with me, but it doesn’t change my perspective.

Creativity transports us to a world in which we all wish to live. It helps us to transcend our physical limitations. In the moments of creativity, we’re the kids playing in the lap of our Creator.

For most of us, it’s our misfortune that nobody teaches us about creativity in schools and colleges. We’re left with our intelligence to detect, explore and produce the art within us. It often turns out to be a journey of immeasurable pain and suffering.

As a novice, we’re criticized for failing to produce great art, but nobody cares that no one was there to teach us anything about the subject. We’re amateurs and can be turned into a pro only if given enough chances to commit mistakes and survive failures.

We’re taught to act in a certain way to become a constructive tool in the social ecosystem, but we lose our creativity in this practice.

As kids, we all were creative, but as we became a grown-up, we lost our capacity to create the moments that can bring enlightenment to the lives of others. We became a second-hand machinery tool for producing money and children. We must realize that we lose touch with our Creator in fitting into society’s norms.

We’re neither a money-making tool nor sexual machines made for producing children. We’re the creation of our Creator, created to fulfil a purpose that can only be brought into light through creativity. We must have to realize our goals in life by discovering the creative forces sleeping within us.

Once awakened, it will give us a new spark, a fresh zeal to live our lives. It’s worth giving ourselves a chance to stand up on the world stage and claim our birthright, I.e., the freedom that comes through expressing ourselves through creativity.

Creativity is a gift from our Creator. It’s our original nature. We can’t lie to ourselves for all of our life. We must return to the lap of our Creator, where we can play, expressing ourselves through our creativity.

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