What If I Failed to Win the War of Life?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

– Wayne Gretzky

We’re confused. We don’t take action because of the fear of failure. But we forget that by not taking action, we’re inviting failure.

In the beginning, the future picture is blurred; hence we can’t see the earning potential. We don’t want to spend time on “something” that may fail.

Have you ever imagined what type of life you can get if you continue pursuing your passion and doing what you love?

It may change your lifestyle forever. Even if you fail to achieve your dream, you’ll be a Victorious Warrior because at least you fought the War of Life.

You’ll have a Story of Life that you can narrate to others. You’ll have a lesson to teach to others. You’ll have the wisdom to know exactly what doesn’t work in real life.

In no way can you lose the War of Life by fighting it.

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    Thanks for the feedback! That’s an interesting point. I suppose there are many reasons, internal and external, why we do not accomplish all that we might. Regardless, I am thankful for the Lord’s grace in that. Thanks again!

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