Why We Hate Ourselves?

“The way you think about yourself determines your reality. You are not being hurt by the way people think about you. Many of those people are a reflection of how you think about yourself.”

― Shannon L. Alder

A parasite lives inside our heads and instructs our brain to make us feel bad. It says you don’t have the right to be happy because you’re not good enough. Every time we start feeling good, it reflects our mistakes and shortcomings to ensure that we remain sad.

You don’t need to believe my words. Look within yourself to witness its presence, a voice that keeps chatting without purpose. Its function is to bring all the distracting elements from memories together and attack our defense system of well-being.

Look at the comedy of life in which the voice that abuses, criticizes, and insults us the most lives with us, and we feed it with more thoughts. We believe every word of this serpent and neglect the authentic voice of our hearts.

Most people don’t know that the pain and suffering they’re experiencing in their lives are only because of their habit of listening to and believing the voice of this serpent. It’s a curse, and unless we understand the root cause of our problems associated with this voice, we can’t live a life of peace and satisfaction.

The next time you hear a voice within you that says anything against you, ignore that, but please don’t ignore this culprit that lives within and works against us.

It’s almost impossible to kill this voice forever, but at least we can recognize the importance of ignoring it. When we stop giving attention to this negatively charged parasite, there is no food for thought, and it can’t survive for a long without our active participation.

Start paying attention to the authentic Self, and with a bit of practice in mediation, you’ll be able to understand the whole drama that this serpent parasite creates within us. I know about Satan, that’s it, whose work is confusing us and turning us against our true Selves.

Creativity within us comes when we’re still, and we can’t enter the zone of stillness until we eradicate this serpent from our system.

There is nothing to hate in our body-mind complex. It’s beautiful and perfect.

At first, it may all look confusing to you, but once you practice meditation, it all becomes clear. There is nothing wrong with your look at the body and the intelligence of the mind. It’s all because of the confusion this serpent voice has created within you.

Bring clarity unto you, and you’ll start witnessing a bright future in front of you, glorious and incredible. Don’t get distracted. Confusion is the greatest hindrance in our journey to the Self. Don’t look back. Move forward, and you’ll reach your destiny. You’re on the right path.

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