You’re Not Your Past

Dedicate yourself to becoming a lifelong disciple of Mother Nature. She'll teach you everything, but you've to empty your mind through forgetfulness of the past and surrender the ego.

“Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live less in the present moment and more in the past. We keep playing the same mental movies of the past in our mind’s eye— the same memories of anxiety and depression, abuse and insult, competition and failure.

We can't look forward to the future because we never witness the reality in the present moment.

Have you noticed how much you’ve changed in the last six months?

Are you the same person you were one year ago?

Three years ago, could you’ve been able to do what you’re doing now?

Transport yourself five years back and see the changes in you that occurred?

Ten years back, could you’ve imagined the present you’re living in?

You’re not what you were in the past. That self-identity has gone. Now, you’re more mature and responsible.

You can prepare for a next-level performance in the future, but what’s holding you back are the memories of the past you’re attached to.

Everything has changed since the last time you felt successful. Both the workspace and the challenges are new. You’ve to prepare yourself for the future. There is nothing left in the memories of the past. Irrespective of your history, you can transform your life.

The future is yours. All you’ve to do is to adopt the Pace of Nature. Do the right thing at the right time and use your knowledge and experience. You can perform well. There are challenges, but who says you’re a kid? You’ve more than fourteen years of experience living on this planet; it means you’ve got survival skills.

You know how to read and write. You can add and subtract. That’s all you need to earn money if finances are your problem. If you feel weak, join a fitness club and read good books by great authors that will help you achieve physical and mental fitness.

Dedicate yourself to becoming a lifelong student of life. It will teach you everything, but you must empty your mind through forgetfulness of the past and surrender the ego.

A little effort can change your life.

Are you willing to do a little work to change the course of your destiny?

The answer to this question will start writing the story of your life.

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