Don’t Wait For Inspiration To Come & Strike On Your Head

Without labor nothing prospers.

– Sophocles

The only way to know what works and doesn’t is to do the work and analyze the results. If you wait for inspiration to come and strike your head, you may keep on waiting for years to realize that it never comes on its own.

It would help if you had to prepare yourself for the opportunity to catch your attention. In other words, if you’re unprepared, it doesn’t matter whether the option is present or not; you’ll be unable to utilize that.

If your mind is cluttered with pessimism, you can’t see the beauty of the world and the opportunities it presents to us every day.

A soul who works on herself every day to defeat the gravity of resistance is capable of detecting the messages hidden in this Universe of infinite potentials.

Don’t give an excuse that luck is against you or the Universe has not made you creative. You’ve not reached the stage where the success story can select you as a medium to express herself.

Instead of chasing mystery, believe in your potential to overwrite the concepts of success. Your hard work will produce a new dimension in the Universe. Trust your instincts and do whatever is necessary to reach points A to Z.

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