How To Play The Game Of Life With Perfection?

“If I try my best and fail, I’ve tried my best.”

– Steve Jobs

Everyday life presents us with an opportunity to win the game of life. Every morning we’ve two options:

  1. We can keep sleeping like the rest of the masses.
  2. Wake up with a smile and commit to playing well.

Success doesn’t come in a day. For years we practice the same game with discipline, and no one notices that. One day we wake up in the morning and start performing the same rituals, and there is a miracle.

Everyone knows that there are no shortcuts to success, but still, the majority runs behind short cuts. It’s not a one-day game. If you can’t commit to staying in the game for a lifetime, please don’t enter a field.

If you’re frustrated with your work life, change the job, but if you’re enjoying it, don’t measure your success with a call of one or two options.

Face the fear. Struggle with uncertainty and indecision. Clear your doubts and come to the field tomorrow.

Every day you’ve to show up. Your work does not count the number of hours invested or the points you gained as a reward. The first and foremost inspiration is your presence on the field.

Whether you show up seven days a week or not will decide how perfect you’ll become in this game called life.

Don’t wait for your partner to come and give company. The work is your company. Have a genuine love for it. Learn the tricks of the trade and follow the rules. Success is sure to come.

Simplify the process of learning. Remove all the technical jargon from your life and focus on the simplest possible method. Everything natural is effortless, and so your game plan must be.

You don’t need hours of hard work. You need to discover the best method and spend enough time playing the game.

One day the game will become an intuitive response to your perfection. You’ll achieve mastery over the competition.