Unconditional Love

Entering The Dimension of Love

A goal can attract you, an event can motivate you, a person can inspire you, and a realization can transform you, but Love has the potential to transmute you ultimately.

Once you fall in Love with a person, place, thing, or work, you become a magnet that attracts everything around it, and the result, item, business, or the person itself shows you the Way.

It may look like some hypothetical fallacy, but surely.

There Is Something In This Word



Its Feeling

That The Human Civilization Revolves Around It…

You have felt it a thousand times and can feel it here, given that you’re not a humanoid.

Even If You’re A Humanoid...

You can be programmed with feelings and emotions, and the thing you’ll embrace most about Sapiens is Love. 

They can be selfish, orthodox, useless, and full of foolish big egos. Still, Love is the power that connects them through sensations, feelings, and emotions, keeping them under balance and perfect control to give them an organized way of living.

A Person Devoid Of Love…

It is like a statue that can be attractive and worth worshipping but can’t be ‘alive.’
You can get the illusion of falling in love with it but can’t feel the real Love in it.

It’s All About Feelings And Emotions…

Think with a rational mind but never let the logical mind dominate over your feelings.
It may be the opposite of conventional wisdom, but in the 21st century, when machines can think, at least let Humans not get lost in too much thought. 

Let their feelings direct them so they can be a little different from machines.

Whether You Want To Become A Humanoid or Remain To Be A Human...

The Choice Is Yours.

It’s Personal.

Even If You Opt To Be A God. 


It’s All About Love. 

It Has No Equivalent.

Love Is All That Is.

There Is No Escape. 

You Must Have To Return To Love. 


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